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problem with linking in solidedge




I have got a few problems with linking within assemblies!
First i will describe my environment ->.

I have got an assemblie with subassemblies, adjustable parts en this is all related to one excel file with data en VBScripts (why excel? because this acts like a database, is easier to use for other people etc!).

This above described assemblie is the parametric assemblie, so when we need to draw something for a client, all of this will be moved to the client's folder. And here is it where the problems begins....

I move the assemblie, using revision manager (we do not use Insight server/connect)!

... So when i open the assemblie in the clients folder, the assemblie can't load the subassemblies and sometimes some parts as well?!!

Do you guys know what the problem is, or what i am doing wrong??

Your help will be appreciated! Thanks
Moving to the client's folder

Hello wboard,

You should always be careful when moving assemplies to a different location on your local or network. There are many file dependencies that are created. Moving the assembly can break these file dependencies. Are you using a Solid Edge utility to move the assembly? If not, you need to. Also, try not to move the assembly. See if there is a function to clone an assembly to another location or possibly do a Save As to a different folder. Why are you not using Insight server/connect?

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