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Question and problem - beginner




I'm new to using CATIA, and I'm currently experiencing the following problem (wich is quite stressing, as I am preparing my Diploma Project):
Each time I use the Drafting module, and I want make a section view, 95% of the section is ok, but about 5% of the lines are alot thicker than the rest, without any reason (from my point of view :) ). If I re-try to make the section again, the problem persists, but some other lines are now thicker. I suspect that it is related to the automatic hatching process...
I also have I question...I hope it doesn't sound very can I insert a new surface coincidende, between two parts...i'm trying the easy way (INSERT/CONTACT etc), but I only get two cercles united by a line, the parts don't move at all...

Once again, I hope that my questions are not idiotic, and I'm waiting your answers.



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Try changing the Properties of your Section View, and turn off the 3D Spec option. Turn off the 3D Colors option as well. Update your view and see if that removes the thick lines.

If that doesn't help, try right-clicking on the Hatching and change the Properties. In the Graphic tabpage, change the Thickness to 1.

Regarding your second problem; after you added the Contact constraint, did you Update the Assembly? Were there any error messages that might explain why the parts didn't move? Looking at the Product Tree in the Contraint branch, is there a Yellow circle icon in front of your Coincidence constraint?

When adding Contact constraints between surfaces, the surface must be a cylinder, cone, or sphere, or planar. If you have any other type of surface/face, you probably have to define the contact some other way (such as an Offset between two planes)
Check to see if the thick lines are actually area fills. It's not very well documented, but if you have a very small area that CATIA is unable to display the full pattern of an area fill, CATIA will display the boundaries of the area fill as very thick.

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