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Refrencnce Button in constraint definition Window


New member
Hi Friends
I have a question. when we want to make a dimension between for example two points by using constrain option, there will open a constraint defition window (look at the attached picture). can anybody explain what does the reference button exactly do in this window?
thank you all



Super Moderator
The Reference option will turn the constraint into a non-driving dimension that does not effect the size of the sketch. (It's like a construction mode for constraints)

I use it as a measurement. For example if I have a right-triangle with the angle and acute side constrained making the sketch fully constrained. If I add constraints for the obtuse and hypotenuse lengths, the sketch is over-constrained, unless I make both of these reference constraints. Now, If I change the angle, I see the lengths of all sides.
ref constr.JPG
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