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sketch in the bakground


New member
Helo I am wondering if it is possible to put an image in the bakground witch I then can make a sketch on. Instead of having it on a pice of papper at my desk to look at. I am using SolodWorks 2007...
Here's 3 options:
1) Convert your raster format picture into vector format DXF and import as a sketch
Several software packages will do this, including some freeware if you search around a

2) Insert your picture as the ViewPort Background for SolidWorks:
Tools>Options>Colors><select> Image File and specify directory path to picture file

3) With a SolidWorks part or assembly file open, Insert>Customize Menue><check box for "Picture" if not already selected>
Then Insert>Picture><specify directory path to picture file>

You'll need to scale the sketch after tracing the picture. With the sketch active, select all, RMB (Right Mouse Button)>Scale Entities> enter scale and reference point in sidebar.
Better way?

I just received a tech tip from and there's a better way- insert the picture in a sketch!
To insert a sketch picture, have a sketch active, and select Tools\Sketch Tools\Sketch Picture. After this is selected, the Open dialog appears.

Check SolidWorks website (link below)
SolidWorks Tech Tip
Insert A Sketch Picture Is The Way To Go.

I've Use Corel Draw "trace" To Convert Raster To Vector But The Files End Up Huge.

Good Luck.

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