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smoothening a solid made from a wooden scan (mesh)


Hi guys,

Im a beginner and i got a wooden model of a T-MAX brake system adapter.
I did what i could to smoothen the mesh in meshmixer and also in catia and i made it solid.
I have a few flat surfaces and i cut planes (less than a mm in debth) and those are nice and smooth.But i have surfaces where i cant do that and because it was a wooden model that i scanned and transfered into catia it has all the small cracks and rough planes that wood normally has and i have to smoothen it now so its ready for CNC but i cant find a way how.

Any tips?

thank you,



Super Moderator
Although it's a lot of work, I would take some measurements from the wooden part or the mesh model and just model the part in CATIA from scratch. In the long run, you'll be better off. It's a fairly simple part, so it won't take that long. And you'll have a nice clean model when you're done, ready for NC.


I thought of that ,but my bachelor ending paper or whatever you call it :)D) is reverse engineering so i have to follow these guidelines ..maybe if i dont figure out anything ill just do it from scratch in catia