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Solid Edge and Complex Holes


New member
Whilst working in the Part environment I want to create a Conveyer Pulley system. It consists of a Conveyer Bracket, Pulley, Spindle, Washers and a split pin. The Pulley is supported by the spindle which rests between two holes in the bracket. The bracket is free standing, i.e it has a base with two arms, the arms are supported by ribs and the arms tops are cycliners with holes in them for the spindle, the Pulley sits between the two arms.

I want to make a hole in the top of one of the arms so as to place the pin in to hold the spindle in place.

The problem is that when I select the hole option I can not select the top of the arm because it is acylcinder, I can only select the two flat faces, I want to select the curved surface.

And to make the whole thing harder the hole is tapped...

Any suggestions???


New member
A small Claridication...

If I selct the hole tool and then parrallel plane, selecting the top plane and then using my mouse to select the top of the cylinder. I can draw the hole, but when I set the distance it gives me an error message saying that I have a zero thickness and that the resulting intersction is not supported.

Here is an Image of the part: