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Solidworks 07' help




This is a bit embarrasing actually, been using SW for some time now, but THIS simple little thing has got me in a "tizzy"...why is it that I can do an extruded cut through SOME but not all of the surfaces of a given solid part?...when I draw a profile to use for the cut, it LOOKS like it's gonna work with the ghost image and all, but after I choose "ok" does nothing, no error, no nothing......whats up with that??:mad: ...I can post the model if needed..

thanks all

here's the part I was talking about, you can see the profile that I want to use for the cut.....



    803.5 KB · Views: 19
Part 3101 Cut

I don't know what the problem is but it worked ok for me.

Steve :confused:


    798 KB · Views: 12
I can see that, hmmm....I opened the part and tried to edit the feature by cutting all the way thru, but it gave me an error....I dont get it:mad:

I'm using SW 07' just so you know....

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