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SolidWorks Model Visibility

I have been running SolidWorks 2011 SP 1.0 on my Asus Gaming Notebook for over 6 months now (functioning normally), and a few weeks back I noticed that my models will not display normally. I have to click on where I think the model is, or window select the parts or assembly, only then will it show up on my screen in SolidWorks highlighted format (dark blue). As soon as I Click in empty Workspace, the parts vanish, leaving just the shadow if I have that enabled. I've tried to Repair the installation by running the 64 bit installation DVD (as the installation lives on an SSD drive), but no luck. I am waiting for NVidia to hear if their driver developed a bug. The Notebook has a GTX670M with 3Gb dedicated RAM, and I've obviously tried to re-install drivers from NVidia - they do recommend drivers from the manufacturer's website, so I may have to look there again. Browser graphics look fine... X-Plane 10 loads and displays normally...
Any ideas?