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SolidWorks Routing



Is anyone aware of a tutorial or a book on the Routing module? I am particularly interested in the piping and tubing but not the electrical and cable harness capabilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a comment...

I found this on the Eng-Tips forum also. Little help though but it's a good suggestion.

SBaugh (Mechanical)
30 Apr 06 10:45

Talk to your VAR, there are no books or tutorials that are out there and those that you VAR may have are not free.


Scott Baugh, CSWP

Routing manual

[dead link]
Try the above for a manual which is reasonable. The solidworks training manual if you can get a copy is better in my opinion.
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I have a instruction on PDF this is for SW2005 but for routing and piping this is still working good.
The only problem i have is that it is a large file 100mb so sending it by e-mail is not possible maybe you have some FTP space free to place it on?

Regards, Erwin.

give me iur email id

i feel i can send u sum manuals for piping


Deepak Gupta
I would appreciated if I can get the routing manual

Please, if you use the winrar, you can create a few smaller files and email me
[email protected]

thank you:)

well dear i'm out of town right now

i will try to send it on monday


Deepak Gupta
When using the routing tool I cant get the connectors to appear in the wiring harness but only the wire. I have connections points on the connectors and the route looks good in the cable assembly.

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