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Solidworks scaling problem


New member
Hello all,

I have scoured the internet, as well as spent countless hours fiddling in solid works for a solution to my problem below. I haven’t had any luck, but I am sure this can be done. If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated!

I have done 100's of solid work design templates that automatically create models in solid works for our standard product lines. My next step is to automatically scale the drawings with the dimensions for manufacturing. I am having trouble scaling the parts from the model to the drawing. As I change the diameter in my model, the part in my drawing will become way to big or way to small and go off the page or is not readable. Is there a way I can link a scaling factor to my diameter dimension in solidworks or the design table. I have attached a design template for a simple O-Ring for reference.

Thank you,

David Sheets

New Folder.zip (374.2 K)

Your file's link is: ENGINEERING.com | File Downloads