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Solidworks Simulation

I am trying to simulate how a component will behave when a specific force is applied to it.

I need to apply the fixed geometry and the force to a cylindrical face however solidworks will not let me do this. The cylindrical faces belong to straight pipes with a circular cross section. I have tried both the inside and the outside faces.

The error that comes up when I try and apply the fixed geometry is 'Load/Restraint cannot be applied to the beam face, edge or vertex'

The error that comes up when i try and apply the load is 'You cannot apply forces or moments to faces or edges of beams.'

Please let me know where I am going wrong.


New member
SolidWorks Simulation - Possible Reasons


Possibly you are trying to model the problem using 1-D Beam elements. Then the faces are not used right? If you model in 3D using elements such as Tetrahedron (4Node or 8 node - Draft Mesh / High Quality) then faces can be used since it would then be 3D topology.

Beam elements have Uniformly Distributed Load, Moments and supports modelled as required.

Hope the answer helps !