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Squished Tube


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new thread on new subject from another post:

So far, i have only one part that i have a problem's a 3/4 id tube that was squished on one end down to .306 inbetween wals. The tube was sloted inbetween the squished walls and a u shaped piece was inserted in and welded. I tried modeling it using multi section solid, but it just didn't look right. I'll see if i can scan the part of the print later tonight and post it on here.
an easy solution

One easy solution that is probably not true to form:

1. forget about the multi-section solid

2. if the tube is hollow, change it to make it solid (to begin)

3. at the squished end, make a sketch that shows the left and right squished areas (the sketch should look similar to your attached figure). Pocket the sketch to remove the left and right sides.

4. do a shell to make the squished tube hollow

Like I said, this won't give you the true shape, but might be good enough for your project. Do you have a side view that shows the tube from the side?

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