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tapered helical sweep


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I am trying to make a helical cut along a tapered shaft. I am new to SE and at my witts end as to how this is done (14 year Pro-E vet). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you do a revolve translation along axis and then do a change in the radius?

We have I-Deas and we have them type of options but do now know if you can revolve translate and do a change in radius?!
I use two sketches, one for the revolve axis, and one for the desired shape to do the cut. Next select the helical cut function, and first select the center axis (sketch 1), then select the cut (sketch 2). Now at the right side of the pitch and # turns screen there is a window that is labeled "more". Select the more buton. Now you will see the words taper and pitch, taper is where you will enter your desired number. Hope this helps!!:)
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