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Unbend or Flatten a Bent Sheet




I am fairly new to unigraphics and I am attempting to flatten out a bent part so that I can determine it's shape before bending for profiling.

Can anyone out there run me through this process.

Thank You
I've not used it extensively but in my experience I have always created a 'TAB' of the unbent part then bent it into the form that I want. This allows you then to flatten the part back into the unbent form.

If you already have a bent part then I think there is a feature you can use to convert it from a solid model to a sheet model.

Not sure if this is really any help - ??
If you have created a solid and you want to unbend it is there a feature called Convert to Sheetmetal after you set sa different parameters ex.bend radius, neutral factor..ecc

Yes there is a feature that is called Convert to Sheetmetal. :D that converts a solid model in a Sheetmetal.
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