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v5 Car rim parameters


New member
I sketched out a car rim, (attached file) and I want to know how I can make this so that, its all constrained ultimately to the point where ALL I change is the diameter or radius of the rim and the entire thing expands proportionally. AND so that after say- 14 inches another hole in the center lug appears, not just make the 5 hole bigger..
thanks for any help :)



Super Moderator
First, you need to determine which parameters you want to define. ie; wheel radius, wheel width, number of spokes, number of lug holes, etc.

Second, you need to determine the relationships (formulas) you want to use to calculate all the parameters from the wheel radius.

Then, you use the F(x) icon to add the parameters and formulas to the CATPart defining the wheel.

Third, go back through all the features and replace values you typed in, with the parameters you calculated. (right-click and select EDIT FORMULA)
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