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What if the Project 3D Elements results does not form a closed curve?


New member
Hi everyone,

As I want to measure a frontal area for drag coefficient calculation, I google it and I got this link:

I follow his instruction, but unfortunately, I form a not closed one. I have try to connect them point by point by splines but does not success.

Could you tell me what should I do? I attach pictures here for your reference.



Super Moderator
Project other surfaces where there are gaps, or add a line between the endpoints. You might have to delete projections that don't make sense. Depending on the desired accuracy of the measurement, you might have to "fake" some sections.
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New member
Dear Mr. CATIA,

Thank you for your support, I still cannot form a frontal area that looks reasonable. But never mind, it is just my curiosity. Maybe because of this difficulty, the terms drag area (= drag coefficient x area) is more common and useful. Thank you very much.