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Fillet type


New member
Hey everyone,

Quick question. I may have lost abit of my foundation but can anyone guess for how these type of fillet is being created? Is it multi-section solid or drafted fillet or something else? I've tried multiple ways but could not manage to come close due to ribbon and sharp edges/contours.

From the photo, it looks to be blended down smoothly from the fillet radius to the circle circumference. Thanks all



New member
please attach a picture of your CATIA model so we can see what you have so far.
Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Drawing 1 and drawing 2 refers to the drawing before multi-section solid. This is what I have an issue with trying to recreate the fillet as per the drawing..

Drawing 3 refers to the multi section solid. area highlighted refers to the fillet that I'm having issue with as it does not conform as per the image. Any ideas?



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